I Am A Christian, This is Why:

A Logical Response to the Skeptic

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I'm not your typical Christian...


Kinite A. McCrae does not have your typical Christian story. She was not raised in the church, nor did she grow up in a predominantly Christian community. She spent her early adult years very skeptical about “organized religion” and the authenticity of the Bible until one day she decided to embark on a journey to study world religions in a search for truth. This journey ultimately concluded for her that Christianity is logical and intelligent and that conclusion led her to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

Since then, she has become fascinated with the study of apologetics and believes that a belief should not be based on emotion or social reasons nor on what your family, culture or even country believes. But that one has the responsibility to self and to God to seek Him in truth apart from personal, religious, social and cultural dogmas.


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Kinite McCrae lays out the evidence for truth in a logical yet non-technical or deep theological format that teaches Christians how to easily defend why they believe what they believe as well as provide logical answers to the most common questions asked by skeptics and non-believers. 

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