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3M Membership

3M Membership is a cost-effective solution to help small business owners start, sustain, soar, and SUCCEED!

We have 3 memberships to choose from. The list below provides you with details about the services that are available. All memberships include the base services. The GOLD membership includes all the base, optional, and bonus services. The Silver membership includes the base and 2 optional services, and the Bronze membership includes the base and 1 optional service.

  • Base Services:
    • Initial business evaluation and action report to help business owners understand where they are in business and what they need to reach their goals 
    • Unlimited email business support for all your business start-up questions and concerns. In addition, we help you to navigate tasks specific to the goals you are trying to accomplish and provide answers or research the answers for hard to find business questions.
    • Automatic Affiliate Membership and receive $50 for everyone you refer that enrolls in the 3M Masterclass
    • FREE access to "Money and Motivation" workshops that teach business owners how to access business grants and loans
    • Free access to "Fantastic Friday's" virtual networking event 
    • Free notary services
  •  Optional Services:
    • 20 30-minute one-on-one business support sessions per year
    • Registered agent services
    • 4-hours of free office or conference room space per month (unused hours cannot be carried over)
  •  Bonus Services:
    • 10 color and 10 prints/copies per month
    • ½ off bi-annual millionaire minds conference
    • ½ off millionaire luncheon
    • ½ off annual WISE FACTS Foundation Gala and Fundraiser
    • Pay NO set-up fees for Mailbox, Phone Answering Services and Smart Office
    • Your very own business webpage on our website
    • Funding advance option available
    • Incorporation document review/revision

Choose Your Membership

Once you choose your membership you will be able to select your desired optional services before you checkout.




  • Includes the Base Services and 1 Optional Service
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  • Includes the Base Service and 2 Optional Service
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  • Includes the Base, Optional and Bonus Services
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