Meet Kinite

Kinite McCrae, is the Lead Visioneer (VISION’enginEER) of
This is Why, Inc., an author, philanthropist, licensed minister and full-time successful entrepreneur with over ten years of business success and a clientele that boast several multi-millionaires.  It is her privilege and honor to work with businesses across economic scales and industries. With dedication and determination she gets in the trenches with you until your business GET, GAIN and GROW!  With an emphasis on helping businesses reach the results they are willing to work for!

Meet Jasmine

Jasmine Brown is the Visioneer (VISION'enginEER) of Office Management here at This Is Why, Inc. She specializes in ensuring that our clients receive the most from our services so that they are confident that every dollar invested with us, will bring them a RETURN INDEED! Whether you are renting office space, recording in the studio, or signing up for services, she goes above and beyond to ensure that your SATISFACTION is GURANTEED

Meet Josseline

Josseline Grullon is the Visioneer (VISION'enginEER) of Customer Service. She specializes in being attentive to the needs and desires of our clients and brining them to manifestation through creative marketing material and content creation. Helping our clients organize their vision and give birth to their products and services in ways that will ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS is her passion. Her focus is helping your business grow, find ways to operate in your purpose, all while providing you with an unforgettable experience. 


Hey Fam! We want to start off by thanking you for wandering over to this page to learn more about not only who WE are but WHOSE we are!


Our vision is a network of Kingdom entrepreneurs who are prospering in their purpose.


Our mission is to provide a proven path to help you find and prosper in your purpose! By developing the right MINDSET, increasing your MOTIVATION,  and becoming MONEY conscious. And that's just the beginning...Your dreams will produce MANIFESTATION!


Our approach is to give every client TLC (teaching, learning, coaching). Ours is a God-given, innovative, proven system for men and women around the world who wants to prosper in an era where people are afraid to step out on faith. We get in the trenches with you and TRANSFORM your IDEAS into purpose driven prosperity.

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This is Why, Inc. provides services to all individuals and small businesses who are serious about starting, sustaining, soaring and succeeding in business. However, we have a particular passion for individuals who have a business mindset and motivation, but lacks the money to bring it to manifestation. If that sounds like you, you're our ideal client!