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This Is Why Inc. has two divisions of services. The first is for current or new authors looking to self publish the right way or publish with us! The second division is designed to help authors and other entrepreneurs make MONEY, MARKET your business, and MANAGE it all the right way! So that you can PROSPER IN YOUR PURPOSE!


WePub is a contractual based relationship that allows This Is Why, Inc. the privilege to partner with you on the successful releasing of your written MASTERPIECE!

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MyPub is a self-paced online course power packed with the tools that authors need to self-publish the RIGHT WAY!

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Meet Our Authors

Stay up to date on our newest authors and their work!

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My Money

MyMoney provides money, marketing and management services and online courses to businesses who are serious about increasing their growth, sustainability and revenues.

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Kinite McCrae is the visionary and founder of This is Why, Inc. which includes  T.I.Why Pub – a ministry of publishing and T.I.Why Money, Marketing & Management (3M) – formerly Maxim Accounting & Business Solutions, LLC which is a full service managing authority that provides businesses with the essential financial, marketing and management tools needed to start, soar, sustain and succeed. Her 3M clientele boasts of several multi-millionaire business owners and she is passionate about helping you to PROSPER IN YOUR PURPOSE!
Kinite is also a licensed minister, preacher, keynote speaker, workshop teacher/facilitator and event host/emcee. To book her for an engagement click here to send an email. 
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Money Matters Masterclass (3M)

This course is for entrepreneurs who are serious about starting their business the right way or growing their business to the next level so that they can be a Full TIME entrepreneur.

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