I'm a Survivor...

BRANDI JOHNSON is a burn survivor, who lives to inspire others through her voice and through her t-shirt line.  She doesn’t want to just create fashionable pieces to allow people to hide. She wants to create, inspire, and encourage people to know that they have a voice, that their scars have a voice, and that their story has a message! 

The goal was never to hide, it was to have a choice. While she was in pain and in pursuit of healing, she was able to recognize pain, and brokenness in others. Bea’ U Culture is a brand that she created that focuses on the transition of survivors by helping victims heal and empowering them to change their language to survivor.

Brandi Johnson is a college graduate that has been serving as an outreach advocate for youth and underserved communities. She has also served as a Community Health Worker improving maternal and child health and to reduce poor birth outcomes and infant mortality. She has been certified to volunteer as a peer supporter for burn victims through the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors. She is also the founder and owner of Bea’ U Culture, LLC. Brandi Johnson has served as a mentor in business development, self-development, and creating campaigns and generating conversations about tearing down the stigma’s regarding trauma.


In this short yet provocative and attention grabbing book, the author recounts the events of her childhood accident with both emotion and transparency, to tell how it affected her and led her down a path of self-sabotage and low self-esteem, to engaging in risky and demeaning behaviors and relationships with both family and friends (platonic and intimate) until she found the P.O.W.E.R to turn her circumstances around and go from being a burn victim to a burn SURVIVOR!


"I was originally a little reluctant to read this book because while I love to read, I am picky with what I enjoy reading and I was a little leery when I read the title of the book because I was thinking how would I be able to relate to this book when being burned isn’t my story? Boy was I wrong! This book is far more than a self-help book for victims who have been physically burned, it speaks to emotional and other internal scars that people struggle with. I was able to relate to the emotional scars of feeling rejected, mistreated and used, then trying to fit in and be a part of something that wasn’t really me. This book should be read by everyone because we all have some scars from our past and the steps to overcome those scars are clearly defined and outlined in this book. I thank the Author for writing such a powerful book."

Wanda Rawlings
A Picky Book Reader

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