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Yvette Y. Carter is a poet and sonneteer, a lyricist of sorts. This body of work came from her intimate time with God and the result of His sweet presence. Yvette is a native of Washington, D.C. She received her early education in the District of Columbia public schools and pursued higher learning at the University of the District of Columbia and Howard University, where she studied Engineering. Yvette soon discovered that becoming an engineer was not her “thing.” She decided to pursue an opportunity to continue in federal service at the Environmental Protection Agency, where she worked for 37 years until retirement in January 2015.

 Yvette has been married to her amazing husband for 36 years. This union blessed them with three children who produced her next generation: 14 grandchildren. Yvette enjoys shopping, dancing, and spending time with her family and close circle of friends. In June of 1992, Yvette ran into the outstretched arms of Jesus and dedicated her life back to Him. When you get a chance, ask her what made her run—she will be glad to share this with you.