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"The 3M course was God sent! The level of support is astounding! The staff are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. As a business owner there is always fear of failure but the coaching sessions build confidence and provides you with the necessary tools to be successful. I highly recommend this company to all business owners. Great product and service!"

Chris Pugh

"The class was a great experience and very helpful for people who have a business or thinking about starting one. Kinite does a great job explaining everything to help your business grow and really goes above & beyond to help you succeed. I highly recommend this class."

Ekaterina V. Varley

"Kinite is a trailblazer in successful business management, sustainability and income growth. I could not run my business without her!"

Rikki Pugh

"Great course. The instructor is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and so are her special guest speakers. I really enjoyed the class and how interactive it was. I was able to gain tons of viable information and apply it to my business."

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Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

 Wanda Rawlings

"This is Why, Inc. has many components. I was able to take advantage of the Money Matters Master (3M) class. It was not only informative and helpful, the personal attention to detail regarding my very own small business made it totally worth it to me. Being a new entrepreneur, I was able to get the knowledge to help me move my business to the next level. Even after the class ended, the instructor continued to reach out and ensure I was completing my action plans. Amazing customer service!"