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No Long-Term Commitment! Hourly & Day Rates Available!

Our private office, conference room and studio provide businesses with the perfect environment to focus, collaborate, and produce.

Conference Room

Host your meeting, training or group session in our large room.


Private Office: District

Host your business meeting in our professional private office 


Private Office: Chesapeake

Host your business meeting in our professional private office


Streaming Studio

Professionally Stream live or pre-recorded in our HD 4K Studio 


First Time Reserving Space?

Reserving space is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Complete the smart office user registration form by clicking the “Get Started” button below and pay the one-time $50 set up fee. (this fee is waived for 3M Gold Members. For more info on 3M Gold Members CLICK HERE
  2. Upon completion, you will be directed to our thank you page with a link to complete our smart office agreement form.
  3. After completing the smart office agreement form, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing the smart office reservation page. START RESERVING YOUR SPACE IMMEDIATELY! 

If the time slot you are interested in is not available, please call us. 

NOTE: Studio Reservations will be purchased in 4-hour increments. However, you may split the time across multiple days. If you have questions, call 301-719-2424 or email [email protected]


Stream Like a Pro! 

Book our 4K HD studio to stream your online show live or pre-recorded. Your viewers will be wowed by the sound and visual quality of your show. 

NOTE: Studio Reservations will be purchased in 4-hour increments. However, you may split the time across multiple days. If you have questions, call 301-719-2424 or email [email protected]

Stop Meeting at Home!

Your home is for privacy! Your office is for professionalism! We have everything you need to conduct business without the expense of renting an office.

For more info call 301-719-2424 or email [email protected]

Space Overview

  1. Private Office: Access to a private office during your visit. We have two options to choose from: The Chesapeake which is a 7 x 8 SF corner office and The District which is a 7 x 8 SF middle office. Both offices have windows, (1) desk, (2) chairs, (1) storage cabinet, phone and high speed internet. Maximum occupancy is 3 people.


  1. Conference Room: Access to our conference room space. Flexible set-up options (conference, training, or open for other group settings.) Conference room comes equipped with white boards, overhead projector, 75 inch smart TV, podium, tables (that can be joined or separated), seating and high speed internet. Maximum occupancy is 20 people.


  1. Studio: Live stream or pre-record your online show or podcast, record your audio-book, or tape your videos for an online training or course you are developing in our 4K HD studio that is fully equipped to stream to multiple social media platforms simultaneously. The studio has professional lighting, sound, microphones, cameras (for multi-angle shots) and a teleprompter (no need to remember your script!). The high-tech background options include an oversized LED screen for displaying 4K backgrounds, green screen options and of course you can bring your own backdrop for a personalized background.  Come studio ready for live or prerecording in one-shot for the unattended option. Or have one of our dedicated team members available to help you navigate streaming to multiple platforms, running presentations, sound checks, queuing the teleprompter, adding screen captures and lower thirds for the ultimate attended studio experience. Maximum occupancy is up to 5 people depending upon setup. Also, ask about our Advance Attended options for a more custom streaming/recording experience.

Day rates are 8-hour slots from 9am-5pm/ 9:30am-5:30pm or 10am-6pm Monday - Friday (during our Covid-19 hours of operations). Clients may also reserve a laptop for an additional fee on a first come first serve basis.


  1. Private Office: 
    • $20 per hour for 1-hour
    • $15 per hour when you book 2 or more hours
    • $90 day rate 
  1. Conference Roommust reserve in 2-hour increments:  
    • $60 for 2-hours
    • $90 for 4-hours
    • $120 for 6-hours
    • $150 for 8-hours
  1. Studio: must reserve in 4-hour increments. However, hours may be split between multiple days.
    • $75 per hour for unattended
    • $150 per hour for attended

* This Is Why, Inc 4k HD Studio offers backgrounds of your choice with our 75' LED Background, various lighting options of your choice, multi-angle shots and more! Please note there are several factors that can affect the end result of lighting during a set, some of the factors can be background, complexion, etc. Therefore, in order to receive the visual of your liking we ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled studio time so that we can make the custom adjustments for your studio experience. Although we highly recommend clients to arrive prior to scheduling, if you're not able to arrive early clients will have to use standard light set up.  


One-time set up fee is $50 / laptop fee is $50. The set-up fee is waived for 3M Gold Members. Gift Certificates also available for purchase.