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Having a registered agent is mandatory in many states, get YOURS TODAY!

A Registered Agent is a person or entity that receives official documentation on behalf of another business. This can include annual report notices, service or process, tax notices and other important documents.

Many businesses make the mistake of being their own registered agent, but this is a bad decision because a registered agent MUST be available during normal business hours so that proper or legal notices and certified official document delivery can be guaranteed.

Registered Agent Services Include:

  • Use of a commercial address for your official notices and/or service processes, forms etc.
  • Notice and filing of annual corporate registrations – every business receive these important documents from the state annually. If you miss them, you will be FINED! If you don’t file them, you will be FINED! And run the risk of your business no longer being active
  • Compliance assurance
  • Extra layer of privacy between you and your business
  • 1-hour of FREE office space per year to hold your annual board meeting
  • 30-minutes of meeting minutes recording

If you would like to change your existing Registered Agent(s) we can do that as well! As of now, we offer Registered Agent services in both Maryland and Virginia.

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