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Business Set-Up

$150.00 per state plus filing fees 

Business Set-up services is a cost-effective solution to help small business owners legally form their businesses the RIGHT WAY!

We help you avoid costly mistakes that waste your time and money!

Our business set-up services include everything necessary to form a corporation in DC, Maryland, or Virginia (DMV). Every order is audited for compliance, spelling, and accuracy.

Business Set-Up Services Include:

  • Name Search – we will check to see if your desired name is available with the state, if it isn’t, we’ll help you determine another name that clears and captures your business identity.
  • Trade Name Registration – we register your name with the state you own it.
  • Prepare and File Articles of Organization/Incorporation – we will complete all the necessary paperwork to create a new corporation and submit the documents to the state for processing on your behalf.
  • Personalized Initial Meeting Minutes – We will prepare personalized organizational minutes so that you can properly organize your new corporation (including stock ledgers and certificates if applicable).
  • EIN Set-Up – we file the application with IRS to obtain your business numerical identity.
  • Personalized Corporate Bylaws – we prepare these most important business governing documents for you.
  • One-month FREE 3M Gold Membership (click here for details)

3M Membership is not required, however once your business gets set-up, we want to ensure that you continue on the right track. Setting up a business is just the first step, by adding our 3M Gold Membership, we can ensure that you are properly handling other often overlooked federal and state business requirements like:

  • Understanding, tracking, and issuing stock certificates
  • Managing stock ledgers
  • How to fund your new business
  • How to get paid within your new business
  • Business plan templates
  • Business banking and credit
  • Understanding and obtaining business insurance, licenses, state tax account set-up
  • And so much more that needs to be in place so that a business can start, sustain, soar, and SUCCEED!

If you are an entrepreneur who is interested in owning and running a business, rather than just owning your own job click here to enroll in the 3M MASTERCLASS. 



Some of our long-term money, marketing & management services are contractual and based on an hourly rate. Book a consultation if you are interested in how we an serve you.

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