Answering Services

$75 per month

Our phone answering services provides your business with a real local phone number that will be answered by a professional customer service specialist ensuring that your business NEVER MISS A CALL!


Answering Services

Answering Services Include:

  • One local phone number
  • Phone answering, message taking or forwarding between the hours of 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • After hours voicemail greeting or forwarding
  • Custom greetings with flexible and detailed options
  • Text or email notices of messages waiting for a return call



5 reasons why businesses need a phone answering service

  •  Never miss another sales call again! Missed calls cost you sales and 85% of callers will not redial if their call wasn’t answered.
  • People like peopleIf potential clients don’t get an answer, they move on to call the next company. 56 % of people buy from the first person who answers their call and can offer them what they need. Getting an answer on the first call increases the possibility of sales.
  • Increases productivity: Receiving a phone call is the single biggest distraction when you are trying to work on your business. It takes an average of 23 mins to get back to fully focus on your previous task. Our telephone answering service will filter your calls. Forwarding only the calls you want to receive. Allow you more time to focus on your money generating task.
  • Saves you money: The average cost for employing a receptionist to answer your calls is about 21K a year. Most receptionist take calls for only about 23% of the time but using our phone service you can save thousands of dollars all while providing better customer service to your clients and increasing your sales.
  • Saves you time: Maybe you’re just too busy and can’t handle the call volume your business is receiving which is costing you revenue and affecting your customer experience. Our phone answering service will provide you with a customer service specialist who will ensure that your calls are being answered promptly and professionally.


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