Who is Robert King, Founder

Robert King is a father, motivational speaker, community activist and mentor. His message is raw and coupled with dramatic presentations to win back the heart of our youth. Mr. King has had the privilege of speaking at schools in the DMV area such as Anacostia High school, Cardoza High school, and Green Valley Academy. His delivery is not just another speech, it is an open window with a clear view to the challenges, dangers, and consequences that today’s youth are facing. He is a productive survivor of the mass incarceration of the 80's-90's. He believes in the youth of today, having four sons of his own, he has first-hand knowledge of the situations that many children find themselves facing. Because of his own personal journey to healing, he believes he can give hope for a brighter future to his listeners.

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We envision a community where at-risk youth are equipped, educated, and empowered to become productive responsible men who have a positive impact on society.



Our mission is to develop mindsets through thought provoking dramatic presentation, exposure to positive models and mentoring that will pave the road to new ideas, creativity, and opportunities.


Value Statement

We value the undervalued, unrecognized, underdeveloped, and underserved KING that is inherent in all males whereby we are created in the image of our Holy and Divine KING – for in the beginning, God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…" (Gen 1:26)


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How 4 Kings Outreach (4K0) is Changing Lives


 A mentor gets to know your strengths and weaknesses over time and can play a critical role in helping you become the best version of yourself.

Support Groups

Develop the character that differentiates male-hood from man-hood and places you on a path of success that will help you reach your optimal potential.

Financial Literacy Workshops

Once you apply all that you have learned, so many life changing opportunities will come knocking at your door and you will be prepared and confident to take them on. 

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We want to thank you in advance for your kind donations that make changing lives possible. 

How to Get Involved 

We are always looking for mentors with a heart for the youth. If that sounds like you, please email us so that we can share how you can support this movement!

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