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Do you really want to be a full-time entrepreneur, but need some T.L.C?

This Is Why, Inc provides a proven path to help you find and prosper in your purpose! By developing the right MINDSET, increasing your MOTIVATION, and becoming MONEY conscious. And that's just the beginning...Your dreams will produce MANIFESTATION!

Our 3M Masterclass is packed with the TLC (teaching, learning, coaching) that you need to Succeed!

But it’s so much MORE! Ours is a God-given, innovative, proven,  system for men and women around the world who wants to prosper in an era where people are afraid to step out on faith. We get in the trenches with you and TRANSFORM your IDEAS into purpose driven prosperity.



  1. One-on-One Coaching Sessions
  2. FREE Paid Vacation (no gimmicks, no time-shares)
  3. Earn $50 for every referral through our Affiliate Program
  4. Earn 10% for your Church, Sorority, Fraternity or other membership association or group
  5. FREE admission to the MILLIONAIRE Luncheon
  6. Three (3) additional coaching sessions after the class ends

What are you waiting for?

Join this exclusive training to start that cashflow and transform your life!

 Take Advantage of the 1, 2, or 3 Time Payment Options as well as our Covid - 19 DISCOUNT for IMMEDIATE SAVINGS!

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